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Sue for Joe
Getting Information
Sat Apr 1, 2017 11:17

The Princeton Recollectors reveal that people were stealing building supplies left and right from the Hopewell construction site!

Someone took the boiler thermostat. A woman stole a piece of old plaster. Charles Burton, whose picture appears on one of the first few pages in one of the Recollectors -- what he looked like in 1977 --, was so concerned that he had the pictures of the inside of the house locked up in a safe deposit box. (There were probably other blue collar workers besides Burton who took pictures of the inside of the house.)

And recall the carnival atmosphere that came about when the baby's corpse was found?

People were obsessed with the Lindberghs!

Apparently those who wended their way into Hopewell and the surrounding towns when they found out the baby was kidnapped, and then later when the corpse was found, had a strong desire to connect with the Lindberghs. Forget about the journalists who had to get there because it was there job to report the news. What about the average Joe (no pun intended) who craved to find out the goings on of the Lindberghs and this enormous story?

There were so many ways in which someone could have gotten information about the Lindberghs.

A Hopewellite could have shared local information about the Lindberghs with a relative in New York City. I could give you a thousand examples!

The Internet is not needed when people resort to their eyes, ears, and mouths.

  • Great information as always, Sue! With the level of publicity this house would have had leading up to the Lindberghs moving in, it's not difficult to see how the right kind of information could have... more
    • Getting Information — Sue for Joe, Sat Apr 1 11:17
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