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Leonard Moseley
Sat Apr 1, 2017 12:52

I wonder if author Leonard Moseley knew about the German families as early as 1978? His biography on Lindbergh does not include any such information, but I wonder if he knew about them before they became revealed to the world in 2003?

In a 1978 interview for an article in the Island Reporter, Moseley alludes to correspondence that was not included in his biography on Lindbergh.

Maybe 1978 was not the time for that information to come to light. He says he did not want to embarrass anyone. Sometimes authors may not reveal information for a whole host of reasons.

Page B 13:

"As is usually the case with biographies, Moseley's severest critics have been his subjects."

"Anne Lindbergh never objected publicly to my biography of her husband", says Moseley, "But I learned from her daughter that she thought my book was unfair."

"Actually," says Moseley, "I thought my biography was more than fair. I suppressed a great deal of personal correspondence that would have been embarrassing to the family."

"The Biographer" by Peter Larson. (Article begins on Page A 29.)

Island Reporter

December 29, 1978

    • Leonard Mosley vs. Seth MoseleySue, Sat Apr 1 19:40
      Leonard Mosley, British journalist, one e in last name. Seth Moseley, American journalist, two e's in last name. Both were involved in reporting the Lindbergh case.
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