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Sue for Steve
G. R. Murray, Princeton Realtor
Mon Apr 3, 2017 13:11

G. R. Murray was the realtor in Princeton who was working with the Lindberghs to buy land in 1930.

The Princeton Recollector mentions him, and Princeton Alumni Weekly from that time has many advertisements for G. R. Murray's real estate and insurance business.

And G.R. Murray's name is included in the above with the architects, Delano & Aldrich, who designed the house.

Also, Steve, below is one of a few articles in papers from 1930 saying that Lindbergh was buying hundreds of acres in that area.

From the Tuesday, November 4, 1930 News-Herald in Franklin, Pennsylvania:

"Princeton, New Jersey -- Charles Lindbergh has bought 532 acres of land on Sorrel Mountain near here, according to G. R. Murray, Princeton realty man who handled the deal. Lindbergh recently acquired a homestead at Lawrenceville, and this new purchase materially increases his holdings."

  • Re: tour for Suesteve for sue, Mon Apr 3 10:07
    great find sue, I firmly believe Hauptman was in Hopewell prior to the kidnapping
    • G. R. Murray, Princeton Realtor — Sue for Steve, Mon Apr 3 13:11
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