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Sue for Joe
Angus Article & the Other Baby Alice Thumbguard
Mon Apr 3, 2017 20:27

I'd like to have a photocopy of this article in its completion to think about that Hauptmann scenario some more.

Maybe Angus was just a wonderful storyteller.

If that thumbguard was found at Hauptmann's garage that would make me feel so sad for little Charlie.

But if that thumbguard was found that would really be something!

And if that thumbguard was found with the ribbon attached and in pristine condition, well that really would be something else!

I am intrigued by metal detectors, but I hear you should never buy a cheap one.

Does someone have the other thumbguard in his or her possession today?

If not, it may be worth someone's while to search at the relevant LKC sites for that metal thumbguard.

It didn't just vanish into thin air.

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