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bob mills for sue and forum
olivia watson
Wed Apr 5, 2017 15:31

Her book got so-so reviews. One reviewer cited numerous factual errors. Sometimes I think new LKC authors should check with us first. Collectively, we know more about the case than anyone.

  • Another Book Has Been Published?Sue, Tue Apr 4 18:48
    2017 The Lindbergh Kidnapping by Olivia Watson... more
    • Re: Another Book Has Been Published?steve for sue, Thu Apr 6 09:46
      im not buying no more books on this case.
      • New Book on Hall-Mills CrimeSue for Steve Romeo, Fri Apr 7 19:51
        Cold Case: Hall-Mills Murder Revisited Published by Heritage Trails 2017
        • update on JFC's houseRichard, Sat Apr 8 19:38
          Drove over to Dr. COndon's Wedn., and saw that it's been cov'd w/a crème-colored vinyl siding. New windows replace the old. Old porch and the uprights are still intact. The lower roof over the porch... more
        • Re: New Book on Hall-Mills Crimesteve for sue, Sat Apr 8 10:08
          thanks sue you know I love that case I will get that book
      • more books? And for Bob Millshe case?Richard, Fri Apr 7 10:50
        I tend too agree with you, Steve. The last few books (exc. Melsky's) seem to offer nothing credible, thought-provoking, or new. We're being ripped off. Kelvin clinched the wood evidence agst. BRH.... more
        • Re: more books? And for Bob Millshe case?steve for rich, Sat Apr 8 10:12
          I have problems with mikes book but he knows that me being a lone wolfer. im not going to debate this anymore im past my prime
        • eisenschimlbob mills for richard sloan, Fri Apr 7 12:23
          Well, Richard...Eisenschiml offered several possible scenarios in re Lincoln's murder. Successive chapters were headed "The Case Against ______," with the text then outlining the evidence against... more
      • Re: Another Book Has Been Published?Sue for Steve, Thu Apr 6 13:02
        Sorry you're so disillusioned with the case, Steve. My sympathies are with you.
    • olivia watson — bob mills for sue and forum, Wed Apr 5 15:31
      • 1971 Hobbies MagazineSue for Bob, Thu Apr 6 13:01
        You're right, Bob. We know more about the case. For instance, a reference in the 1971 Hobbies Magazine for those interested in acquiring John F. Condon's autograph. It might be too late to get a copy ... more
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