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Sue for Bob
1971 Hobbies Magazine
Thu Apr 6, 2017 13:01

You're right, Bob.

We know more about the case.

For instance, a reference in the 1971 Hobbies Magazine for those interested in acquiring John F. Condon's autograph.

It might be too late to get a copy of Condon's autograph, but I guess it's worth a try!

Hobbies, Volume 76, Issues 7-12

Page 111:

"#17...Autographs of famous people like...Jafsie (J. F. Condon, intermediary in the Lindbergh kidnapping...Write."

  • olivia watsonbob mills for sue and forum, Wed Apr 5 15:31
    Her book got so-so reviews. One reviewer cited numerous factual errors. Sometimes I think new LKC authors should check with us first. Collectively, we know more about the case than anyone.
    • 1971 Hobbies Magazine — Sue for Bob, Thu Apr 6 13:01
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