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more books? And for Bob Millshe case?
Fri Apr 7, 2017 10:50

I tend too agree with you, Steve. The last few books (exc. Melsky's) seem to offer nothing credible, thought-provoking, or new. We're being ripped off. Kelvin clinched the wood evidence agst. BRH. Nobody has come up with anything to debunk it. Zorn was a complete waste. Another book about the wood evidence offered nothing new either, as I recall. The rest are all re-hashes. There was a new work of fiction, as tho written by Anne Morrow Lindbergh. The authoress had some nice insight and reflections, and it was very enjoyable, altho some historic license was taken (such as having Charles teach her how to fly out of the Guggenheim's estate rather than at the L.I. Country Club Airport.) Fisher and Kennedy were good but I always thought they had pre-conceived ideas and dismissed anything that didn't fit their scenarios. (Otto Eisenschiml did that when he wrote "Why Was Lincoln Murdered?", which only years later was satisfactorily debunked. (Now don't get me started on that one, Bob Mills! Say, Bob -- sorry you aren't coming up for the tour. No more room, anyway, to get you at the airport. You'd have to get yourself to the Bronx on your own with subways and taxis, at which point there will be room for you in one of the cars.

  • Re: Another Book Has Been Published?steve for sue, Thu Apr 6 09:46
    im not buying no more books on this case.
    • New Book on Hall-Mills CrimeSue for Steve Romeo, Fri Apr 7 19:51
      Cold Case: Hall-Mills Murder Revisited Published by Heritage Trails 2017
      • update on JFC's houseRichard, Sat Apr 8 19:38
        Drove over to Dr. COndon's Wedn., and saw that it's been cov'd w/a crème-colored vinyl siding. New windows replace the old. Old porch and the uprights are still intact. The lower roof over the porch... more
      • Re: New Book on Hall-Mills Crimesteve for sue, Sat Apr 8 10:08
        thanks sue you know I love that case I will get that book
    • more books? And for Bob Millshe case? — Richard, Fri Apr 7 10:50
      • Re: more books? And for Bob Millshe case?steve for rich, Sat Apr 8 10:12
        I have problems with mikes book but he knows that me being a lone wolfer. im not going to debate this anymore im past my prime
      • eisenschimlbob mills for richard sloan, Fri Apr 7 12:23
        Well, Richard...Eisenschiml offered several possible scenarios in re Lincoln's murder. Successive chapters were headed "The Case Against ______," with the text then outlining the evidence against... more
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