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bob mills for richard sloan
Fri Apr 7, 2017 12:23

Well, Richard...Eisenschiml offered several possible scenarios in re Lincoln's murder. Successive chapters were headed "The Case Against ______," with the text then outlining the evidence against Booth, Stanton, Andrew Johnson, Confederate Leaders, etc. It didn't favor any one suspected co-consiprator.

So to say his book was debunked begs the question, "Which part?" It's a common misconception that Secretary of War Stanton was a specific target of the book. I made that point at Ford's Theater in 1998, but the confusion lingers.

I'll be thinking of all of you at the reunion. I simply don't travel well at this point, especially not alone...and my significant other doesn't fly.

  • more books? And for Bob Millshe case?Richard, Fri Apr 7 10:50
    I tend too agree with you, Steve. The last few books (exc. Melsky's) seem to offer nothing credible, thought-provoking, or new. We're being ripped off. Kelvin clinched the wood evidence agst. BRH.... more
    • eisenschiml — bob mills for richard sloan, Fri Apr 7 12:23
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