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update on JFC's house
Sat Apr 8, 2017 19:38

Drove over to Dr. COndon's Wedn., and saw that it's been cov'd w/a crème-colored vinyl siding. New windows replace the old. Old porch and the uprights are still intact. The lower roof over the porch has been replaced. I could see one of the garages fr. the street and it hasn't been sided, as near as I could tell. The upstairs room has an in-the-wall air conditioner now on the front wall. The funny little decorative boxes framing the upper front windows are gone. The front double doors are new.
The owner was not around, and I chatted with the lone worker who was there. He said that the siding would be completed in a day or two, and that the sheetrock still hasn't been put in. I doubt anyone will be moving in and living inside for at least another couple of months. (For all I know, this is a flip job.)

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    • update on JFC's house — Richard, Sat Apr 8 19:38
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