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I am sorry you don't remember me
Fri Apr 14, 2017 22:08

I went on two or three of your tours, Richard, about ten years ago. I well recall the first year I signed up; as my husband Jim and I emerged from the Bronx Courthouse subway stop, we spotted some 75 yards away a tall man (Kelvin) carrying a replica of the ladder, made from fresh pine. A group (you know who you are) was gathering around him. On the next tour, I met the bus in East Harlem near what had been the site of the Warner-Quinlan service station. On my second or third tour, I asked whether you would ever consider adding "Hauptmann's Yorkville" (the remnant of a strong German subculture still exists in the east East 86th St. area), thinking we could follow in the footsteps of Hauptmann and his associates, and end up at my apartment on East 92nd Street for a casual dinner and discussions of the Case. On the excursions you organized, I met Ronelle, Steve Romeo, Bob, Sue, Joe and that guy from Canada who seems to own a copy of everything ever published on the Lindbergh kidnapping. And of course I met you. When I had a show of my Lindbergh work at a Chelsea gallery a few years ago, you contacted me to inquire about the location of the gallery and hours. I can send you jpgs if you are at all interested. I believe you have (or had) my email. I think I have yours, too, but I have not located it. Regards, Pam

  • Pam's artistic interpretationsRichard , Fri Apr 14 20:03
    What are your "artistic interpretations of the case, Pam? I am afraid that I'm unfamiliar with you/them!
    • I am sorry you don't remember me — Pamela, Fri Apr 14 22:08
      • "Oh, you're THAT Pam Heller!"Richard , Sat Apr 15 11:13
        Joking aside, Pam, your name rang a bell as soon as I saw it but I just didn't remember why! You realize that over 150 people have taken my tours, and I can't remember all of them -- not even those... more
        • waiting list?Pamela Heller, Fri Apr 21 00:53
          I would be coming alone. Jim, my husband, died almost three years ago. He was so supportive of my interests and pursuits, even my loony fascination with the Lindbergh case. Since there have been no... more
          • for Pam HellerRichard Sloan, Tue Apr 25 09:47
            You're in, Pam. We meet at approx. 10:30-10:45, just beyond the bus stop in front of the U.S. P.O. bldg. on the Grand Concourse at 149th St. This is a half a block north of the subway station. The... more
          • tourRichard E Sloan, Sat Apr 22 09:21
            I'm waitin for definite word from someone I invited before first hearing from you, and I guess I'll have to press him to tell him someone else is waiting very patiently. I'll give him until Wednesday.
      • That's me!Sam for Pamela, Sat Apr 15 11:04
        "that guy from Canada who seems to own a copy of everything ever published on the Lindbergh kidnapping" = Sam Most of the collection is now under the capable supervision of Mark Falzini, New Jersey... more
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