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Sue for Richard
Hello Young Lindy -- 1930
Tue Apr 18, 2017 16:45

Bud Billings recorded "Hello Young Lindy" in 1930, and it was written by Carson Robison.

A few months ago, you said the title of the song with sheet music that you were looking for was called "Baby Lindy."

Could the above link be the song you are looking for?

Do the lyrics on the sheet music match the words in the Bud Billings recording?

    • From the collection...Sam, Wed Apr 19 12:00
      • sheet musicRichard, Thu Apr 20 09:38
        "Baby Lindy" is the one I have the sheet music for. I wonder if it was ever recorded? I have heard "Hello, Young Lindy," but frankly don't think I own a copy. I never saw the sheet music for it.... more
      • Lindbergh EphemeraSue, Wed Apr 19 15:39
        To tell you the truth, a lot of Lindbergh ephemera puts me to sleep. I don't find it interesting. Show me a signed confession with Violet Sharp's signature, and I'll take notice.
        • EphemeraSam for Sue, Fri Apr 21 09:43
          Ephemera, Sue? How about this wax figure head of Bruno - which looks nothing like him - currently for sale on eBay?
          • Re: EphemeraSue for Sam, Fri Apr 21 12:31
            Wow! He does look evil! What a terrible injustice to Hauptmann! What price is that going for?
            • Sold!Sam for Sue, Sun Apr 23 12:19
              The item sold for something under $225. The listing is here:... more
              • Re: Sold!Sue for Sam, Sun Apr 23 16:11
                Hauptmann's family deserves a cut of the money! After all, that doll is based on his image!
                • Re: Sold!Joe for Sam and Sue, Sun Apr 23 16:51
                  Based on the fact it looks nothing like him, I can hear his family saying, "Look how they massacred my boy!"
      • Re: From the collection...Sue for Sam, Wed Apr 19 12:19
        Very cute artwork!
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