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Sue for Sam
Re: Ephemera
Fri Apr 21, 2017 12:31


He does look evil!

What a terrible injustice to Hauptmann!

What price is that going for?

  • EphemeraSam for Sue, Fri Apr 21 09:43
    Ephemera, Sue? How about this wax figure head of Bruno - which looks nothing like him - currently for sale on eBay?
    • Re: Ephemera — Sue for Sam, Fri Apr 21 12:31
      • Sold!Sam for Sue, Sun Apr 23 12:19
        The item sold for something under $225. The listing is here:... more
        • Re: Sold!Sue for Sam, Sun Apr 23 16:11
          Hauptmann's family deserves a cut of the money! After all, that doll is based on his image!
          • Re: Sold!Joe for Sam and Sue, Sun Apr 23 16:51
            Based on the fact it looks nothing like him, I can hear his family saying, "Look how they massacred my boy!"
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