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Richard Sloan
for Pam Heller
Tue Apr 25, 2017 09:47

You're in, Pam. We meet at approx. 10:30-10:45, just beyond the bus stop in front of the U.S. P.O. bldg. on the Grand Concourse at 149th St. This is a half a block north of the subway station. The tour will last until no later than 5 pm.
It will end near the subway station at Westchester Square. Lunch will be somewhere around 1 pm, give or take 15 mins. if I can swing that.
From this point on, Pam, please use my email address to discuss it, and to get my phone numbers. Glad to have you along. Sorry I couldn't tell you sooner. I am sorry to learn that your husband has passed away. See you May 6th! (Btw, I will suggest, not assign, people to the drivers' cars. But I am urging everyone to change cars a couple of times throughout the "excursion.")

  • waiting list?Pamela Heller, Fri Apr 21 00:53
    I would be coming alone. Jim, my husband, died almost three years ago. He was so supportive of my interests and pursuits, even my loony fascination with the Lindbergh case. Since there have been no... more
    • for Pam Heller — Richard Sloan, Tue Apr 25 09:47
    • tourRichard E Sloan, Sat Apr 22 09:21
      I'm waitin for definite word from someone I invited before first hearing from you, and I guess I'll have to press him to tell him someone else is waiting very patiently. I'll give him until Wednesday.
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