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Sue for Joe
Who Let the Dogs Out in the Lindbergh Case?
Tue Apr 25, 2017 12:44

Can we start with the sick sealyham?

And Thor came on the scene too late.

Joseph (Josef Weber) owned the dog kennels near Princeton. See The Wartime Journals of Charles A. Lindbergh.

Weber sold Thor to Lindbergh for $250.

Weber was a police dog trainer in Berlin, Germany, and he bought the property where he had his kennels from Norman Schwarzkopf in the 1920s.

Weber wrote the book, The Dog in Training.

His school in Princeton is still around today -- Weber's Training School, as it is known today.

Here is a biography on Josef Weber from a book, I believe published in the 1940s, called Prominent Families of New Jersey:

Also, Weber, was involved in training the seeing eye dog, but a non-fiction book published in 2010 said he was not fit to train blind people. That's according to author Miriam Ascarelli, who is a professor at a New Jersey College.

But Gill Robb Wilson, poet, editor of Flying Magazine, Presbyterian minister, founder of the Civil Air Patrol, called Josef Weber -- "the finest dog man in America."
Wilson was Weber's partner in the dog business, according to I Walked with Giants.

    • Re: Who Let the Dogs Out in the Lindbergh Case?Joe for Sue, Wed Apr 26 11:26
      Thanks Sue, great information as always. Thor didn't come cheap, did he?! Could Skean's playing hookey on the night of March 1, 1932 have been any more pivotal towards the TLC dynamics and the... more
      • Re: Who Let the Dogs Out in the Lindbergh Case?Sue for Joe, Thu Apr 27 07:51
        I will look for a photo of Duane Bacon. Frank Wilson's theory on the J.J.Faulkner note is that Hauptmann randomly asked someone at the Federal Reserve Bank to fill out the deposit slip because he... more
    • Re: Who Let the Dogs Out in the Lindbergh Case?steve for sue, Wed Apr 26 09:42
      great find sue
      • Thor in the NurserySue for Steve, Thu Apr 27 07:55
        What if Thor was in the Hopewell nursery on the night of March 1, 1932?
        • Patricia DoyleRichard E Sloan, Fri Apr 28 09:50
          What happened with her? She used to post here; she had wanted to take my tour but on two attempts she became too sick. I recall she had a serious illness. Is she still around? Did she recuperate?
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