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Sue for Joe
Re: Who Let the Dogs Out in the Lindbergh Case?
Thu Apr 27, 2017 07:51

I will look for a photo of Duane Bacon.

Frank Wilson's theory on the J.J.Faulkner note is that Hauptmann randomly asked someone at the Federal Reserve Bank to fill out the deposit slip because he either had a bandaged hand or couldn't fill out the paper because he didn't have his glasses.

And, no, Thor did not come cheap.

Thor was obviously a very intelligent dog, too.

He learned how to open the garage door at Highfields within 10 minutes of arriving at the Hopewell house. See page 424 in The Wartime Journals of Charles A. Lindbergh for when Thor first entered into the lives of the Lindberghs.

But, Joe, what of the OTHER dog trainers and kennels in that area at that time?

What kennel did the black and white dogs come from?

Josef Weber's dog obedience school was not the only kennel around the Princeton area.

The tabletop confession writer says he (the kidnapper?) dressed in velvet and silk in Hamburg.

Dog school and dog shows are the interests of people with money and influence and culture.

So are the sports of polo, tennis, and crochet.

Could the shadowy figure in the Lindbergh case that you are seeking be an international man?

I believe you are looking for who helped Hauptmann.

  • Re: Who Let the Dogs Out in the Lindbergh Case?Joe for Sue, Wed Apr 26 11:26
    Thanks Sue, great information as always. Thor didn't come cheap, did he?! Could Skean's playing hookey on the night of March 1, 1932 have been any more pivotal towards the TLC dynamics and the... more
    • Re: Who Let the Dogs Out in the Lindbergh Case? — Sue for Joe, Thu Apr 27 07:51
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