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Something interesting about criminal statements and those of
Thu Apr 27, 2017 20:27

Hi All. I have been following this site for a little while now and this is interesting about so called kidnappings. It's about the Mccann's and their daughter who they said was kidnapped a number of years ago. However, Statement Analysis can be used in the LK case even now.

Portion for those who don't have time to read the entire link.
Parents of kidnapped children move quickly due to instinct. This happens with or without police intervention.

1. They call out for their child. This is a natural instinct. They cannot cease thinking about the current status of their child and this will come into their language.

2. They will show concern for the immediate needs of the child. In their language there will be questions about her favorite toy, food, care, medicine, etc.

3. They will plead with the kidnapper. They will do exactly what a parent does when someone babysits: ensure proper care.

4. They will accept nothing less than the return.

The language will be dominant.

5. They will incessantly remember some small detail and facilitate the flow of information. They will be impatient with police, searchers, etc.

6. They will not allow for any possibility of anything other than the truth. This is called the "wall of truth" and is very powerful.

They will not entertain possibilities of guilt for themselves. See Kate McCann's embedded confession.

In the case of Madeleine McCann, we followed the parents' words.

Btw, I have not been receiving emails from this site in a couple of months. How do I insure they keep coming?

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