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Sue for Joe
Who Was Watching Over the Sick Dog?
Sat Apr 29, 2017 12:55

Joe, you asked:

"Could Skean's playing hookey on the night of March 1, 1932 have been any more pivotal towards the TLC dynamics and the commotion it caused?"

If Skean was the dog that was sick, someone would have been watching over him as he convalesced in the kennel that night, right?

Who was that someone? Was he a kennel owner or a kennel employee on duty that night?

Everyone in the Princeton/Mount Rose/Hopewell area was SOMEWHERE on the night of March 1, 1932.

    • The dogs?Sam, Mon May 1 11:18
      Anybody know who's who?
      • Re: The dogs?Sue for Sam, Tue May 2 19:38
        Sam, See pictures indicating the names of the dogs in Hour of Gold, Hour of Lead. There is a picture in that book of Elisabeth Morrow sitting with Bogey and Peter. Bogey and Peter were Elisabeth's... more
      • Re: The dogs?Joe for Sam, Tue May 2 12:25
        I'll take a stab at it.. Top: Pim Middle: Bogey, Skean (l to r) Bottom: Peter, Skean, Bogey and Pim (l to r)
      • These are very sweet pics.. (nm)kristy, Tue May 2 10:40
    • Re: Who Was Watching Over the Sick Dog?Joe for Sue, Sun Apr 30 07:59
      Sue, you posted on the Lindbergh Kidnapping Discussion Board years ago that Skean was at a vets in Princeton. Was he due to return to Next Day Hill before the Lindberghs drove from there to Hopewell... more
      • Dog's SilenceSue for Joe, Sun Apr 30 17:33
        "Dog's Silence at Kidnaping Puzzles Police: Lindbergh's Pet's Failure to Give Alarm Points to Inside Job, Is View" by H.V. Wilkins Brooklyn Daily Eagle Monday March 7, 1932... more
      • Dog Sick on SaturdaySue for Joe, Sun Apr 30 14:58
        According to the Brooklyn Eagle article for March 7, 1932, the dog got sick on the Saturday before the kidnapping. That would mean the sealyham might have went to the kennel on Saturday, February 27, ... more
      • Sealyham Removed to Princeton KennelsSue for Joe, Sun Apr 30 14:27
        Here's another excerpt from the March 7, 1932 edition of the Brooklyn Eagle: "Another dog was brought into the story today when it was reported that the sealyham terrier, which was really the... more
      • The Dog Named TrixieSue for Joe, Sun Apr 30 14:21
        Noel Behn says the FBI Summary Report made a factual error by saying Wahgoosh's real name was Trixie. (See the notes for chapter 4, The Eaglet, on page 427 in Behn's hardcover book.) "The FBI Summary ... more
      • What Was the Name of the Sick Dog?Sue for Joe, Sun Apr 30 14:02
        Straightening out the names of these dogs is a research project in and of itself! Anne Morrow Lindbergh's Hour of Gold, Hour of Lead: Diaries and Letters, 1929-1932 is an excellent source for helping ... more
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