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In Recognition of James Evershed Agate
Sat Apr 29, 2017 13:49

James Evershed Agate was a major literary figure in England who, today, has been relegated to the forgotten book pages of the Internet.

What a shame.

He was a theatre critic and diarist.

Why he matters to the Lindbergh case is that Agate, an Englishman, seems to have known that someone who ran kennels in Mount Rose, New Jersey was on duty the night of the kidnapping. He also says that the kennels in Mount Rose were not even a mile from where the baby was found.

I find these revelations remarkable, that an Englishman knew that there were kennels in Mount Rose, and that the man who ran them was on duty the night of March 1, 1932 at a spot close to where the baby would be found on May 12, 1932.

This information can only be found on page 31 in Ego 5: Again More of the Autobiography of James Agate, published in 1942.

I believe Agate is saying [George Traviss] was the kennel owner in Mount Rose.

Travis seems to have had an illustrious life.

He was the landlord at Cotswold, and son to Charles Travis, who was a huntsman there at Cotswold.

George Travis lived in the United States for a time.

The diary entry for September 21, 1940 says that Travis taught Ginger Rogers, Clark Gable, and Mary Pickford to play polo.

James Agate evidently obtained specific Lindbergh case information from George Travis because these two men knew each other.

So, why did Agate feel the need to share this information for public consumption in one of his autobiographical Ego books?

    • Page 31, George TravissSue, Tue May 2 19:47
      From page 31 of Again More of the Autobiography of James Agate: "The present landlord...The landlord, name of George Traviss...has had an eventful career. Spent some time in the States and was in... more
    • Re: In Recognition of James Evershed Agatesteve for sue, Mon May 1 09:40
      cant answer why they would share that
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