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Richard E Sloan
today's reunion tour
Sat May 6, 2017 22:41

My thanx to everyone who reunited (plus one tour newbie) with me today to immerse ourselves in the case by visiting the historic sites where elements of the story took place and having a wonderful 90 minute lunch together. Steve, Sue, Sam, Ronelle, John, Nancy -- you are the cream of the crop! Robert Zorn was our "newbie," and it was good to meet and chat with him and introduce him to everyone. It was wonderful not only to see you all again after seven years! It was a great reunion. We found the outside of Hauptmann's house in pretty sad shape. We determined the precise east/west location of the southern wall of the garage, and, within a couple of feet, the location of the west wall. We had group photos taken of us "in" the garage. Unfortunately, traffic was a nightmare on the Grand Concourse due to the anticipation of Pres. Trump's motorcade (accord. to a pedestrian). The re-siding of Dr. Condon's house and the replacement of the roof now seems complete. No one was around to let us in, unfortunately, so I cannot report on any interior progress.

  • Nobody Owns This CaseSue, Fri May 5 07:33
    Robert Zorn wrote a scholarly book on the Lindbergh case called Cemetery John, published in 2012. One does not have to agree with his theory, but at least recognize that, he too put in a tremendous... more
    • today's reunion tour — Richard E Sloan, Sat May 6 22:41
      • great time we hadRonelle, Tue May 9 22:37
        Thanks, Richard, for making all the arrangements. I had a wonderful time re-visiting the sites. It wasn't your fault that the music at the Boston Post Rd Diner was too loud. Everything here in... more
        • The tourSam for all, Wed May 10 12:12
          My thanks, also, to Richard for another great tour. It was so wonderful to reconnect with my friends, and spend a day exploring our shared passion. Apologies again for having to dash off. (I... more
      • Re: today's reunion toursteve for rich, Mon May 8 09:42
        thanks rich great to see everybody
      • Thank You, Richard!Sue, Sun May 7 16:34
        Many thanks to you, Richard Sloan! You made the tour possible, and we are very grateful! I had a great time!
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