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Joe for Ronelle
Re: Bruno
Thu May 11, 2017 09:34

Ronelle, this major inconsistency in Zorn's book does nothing to support a very flimsy thesis, and I believe it's just the tip of the iceberg. As Michael already pointed out, no one in America called him Bruno before he was arrested. He was mainly known as Richard or Dick. And he preferred Richard in Germany. Even Anna claimed she didn't know his real first name, although I find that a bit surprising, considering she went to Germany and spoke to authorities there on two separate occasions to see if it was okay for him to return.

I would have asked Robert Zorn about the so called "fleshy lump" on the hand of the John Knoll, the man he believes was Cemetery John. From the photo in his book, it's obvious Knoll had some form of unusual, congenital deformity on the outside of the thumb, which Zorn claims Condon noticed on the hand of CJ. Here's where Zorn is totally off base. Condon was not talking about a deformity. What he was referring to was a muscular development on CJ's hand, specifically the thenar eminence muscle group at the base of the thumb on the palm of the hand. This muscle group is usually well developed in tradesmen who work a lot with their hands. Condon claimed to have the same development from pushing chalk on a blackboard for fifty years as a teacher, which is reasonable. He also demonstrated to Lindbergh when the two men met at Highfields, another sign of this muscle development. This is the round muscle that pops up between the base of both thumb and forefinger on the back of the hand, while making a fist.

Another challenge to Zorn's theory would be the fact that the Hauptmanns drove to California in the summer of 1931, so it would be interesting to see whether Zorn was able to pin down the time where his father allegedly came into contact with Hauptmann at Palisades Park, also in the summer of 1931.

  • BrunoRonelle, Tue May 9 23:04
    So, we all sat together at the diner on Saturday afternoon trying to speak above loud noisy music and I turned to Robert Zorn and mentioned that there was one major flaw in his book, Cemetery John.... more
    • BRUNOSam, Fri May 12 18:37
      As someone who has great respect for both Ronelle and Zorn, both of whom I call friends, I offer the following observation. I have collected a large number of digital fascimile images of BRH's... more
      • Re: BRUNOsteve for sam, Mon May 15 10:10
        on the deportation document in 1923, he signed it Bruno Richard hauptman
      • 1936 is the date on that Bruno check (nm)Ronelle to Sam, Fri May 12 23:54
      • Re: BRUNOMichael For Sam, Fri May 12 21:29
        Sam, do you have anything prior to his arrest where he uses "Bruno?"
        • Prior to arrestSam for Michael, Sat May 13 15:56
          Yes, I believe he used Bruno Richard Hauptmann from time to time. Nothing with JUST Bruno. Of interest, perhaps, is this 1934 document. No Bruno here.
    • Re: Bruno — Joe for Ronelle, Thu May 11 09:34
      • other inconsistenciesronelle to Joe, Thu May 11 13:25
        Thanks for reminding us about these other issues in Zorn's book. Maybe his second book will address these issues (I assume that is why he must be writing it - to convince everyone that Richard was... more
    • Re: BrunoMichael, Wed May 10 17:46
      You are correct Ronelle. His name was Bruno Richard Hauptmann but he never went by "Bruno." The press liked it so that's what they used after he was arrested. But prior to that no one called him... more
      • MoreMichael, Wed May 10 17:52
        The Cops used it to after he was arrested too, but neither Hauptmann nor anyone who knew him ever did prior to his arrest.
    • "Bruno"Anonymous, Wed May 10 12:11
      Did ANYONE in America ever call Richard Hauptmann BRUNO? "Mr. Reilly: Bruno Richard Hauptmann, take the stand" (official transcript) "Bruno Richard Hauptmann, the defendant, called as a witness in... more
      • what is wrong with you?Ronelle to anonymous, Thu May 11 06:25
        Not only are you unwilling to reveal your identity all of these many years on this forum but you are not even capable of any honest debate. It was obvious what I meant in my post about BRUNO - he... more
      • bruno and other 3-named villainsbob mills for anonymous and forum, Wed May 10 18:00
        For some reason notorious villains (whether convicted fairly or not) are commonly known by three names, if they have three. Ronelle is right that nobody ever called Hauptmann "Bruno" socially, but... more
        • you're kidding me?Ronelle to Bob Mills, Thu May 11 06:50
          "Anonymous is right in citing these examples." You're kidding? He has cited only "examples" of the AFTERMATH - when he became known as BRUNO by every living human on earth because the Cops and the... more
          • three-names or two?bob mills for ronelle and forum, Thu May 11 18:31
            Ronelle, he was "Richard" to everyone in his social milieu, and he only wanted to be known as "Richard." But if my memory serves, he was "Bruno Richard Hauptmann" on his driver's license, which... more
            • What's In A Name & What Does It Mean?jdb, Sun May 14 00:50
              Interesting about the three name thing, Bob. Not sure what to make of it. How's about John Wesley Hardin? But seriously: I've read Zorn's book and saw the TV special. The book was good if not... more
              • yes, everything in this universe is "possible"Ronelle to JDB, Tue May 16 01:13
                But, the idea that a 15 year old boy who understands no word of the German language "remembers" - by way of a provocative article in a magazine 3 decades later - a "secret plot" spoken supposedly for ... more
                • Yesjdb, Tue May 16 03:13
                  Yes, Ronelle, I too am dubious as to the value of shrinks, faith healers, therapists of all kinds but the physical; and I may as well throw the so-called political pundits who dominate the airwaves... more
                  • JFC - a kidnapper?Ronelle to jdb, Wed May 17 01:00
                    "That there appears to be some evidence that John Condon may have had pedophile tendencies when he was a much younger man could have been dragged into the case as yet another reason for what... more
                    • Word Usagejdb, Wed May 17 03:02
                      Alas, Ronelle, my post featured some unfortunate word usage, by which I didn't mean to imply that the elderly Condon had any designs whatsoever on toddler CAL, Jr. or that the police seriously... more
                  • little green menRonelle to John JDB, Tue May 16 22:12
                    I would have to re-read Schoenfeld all over again and nowadays I don't think I could keep even one eyelid open doing that. Though there would certainly have to be some sort of "expertise" involved in ... more
            • Re: three-names or two?Joe for Bob Mills, Fri May 12 13:21
              He never went by "Bruno Richard Hauptmann" before his arrest, even on his driver's license. A couple of authors have written have claimed this was the name that came back to Finn from the department... more
    • Richard or Bruno? census record 1930kristy, Wed May 10 11:09
      Ancestry records. Notice Richard spelled with all capital letters and then on the 1930 census record he is listed as Richard. Bruno RICHARD Hauptmann Birth: 26 Nov 1899 - Germany Marriage: 10 Oct... more
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