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ronelle to Joe
other inconsistencies
Thu May 11, 2017 13:25

Thanks for reminding us about these other issues in Zorn's book.
Maybe his second book will address these issues (I assume that is why he must be writing it - to convince everyone that Richard was called BRUNO by somebody we don't know about yet) Surely, I wasn't the first person to point out to him this BRUNO problem.

That is why I brought it up in the diner on Saturday. These are very serious inconsistencies and perhaps if I had used that word instead of "flaw" he may not have gotten upset. But, I honestly tried to lighten my criticism with the only word I could think of at the time. I did not want to upset our nice afternoon by provoking the author but the idea that his father said he overheard a conversation, in a language he did not speak or understand, 85 years ago when he was just a child, is not evidence of any kind to base a legitimate theory on and is extremely flimsy.

I think every second person living in the Bronx at that time could also write a book like Cemetery John. So many residents must have "heard" things, "seen" things and "remembered" family "whisperings" and "confessions" decades later when people like Scaduto and Kennedy were stirring a new interest in the case with their books.

  • Re: BrunoJoe for Ronelle, Thu May 11 09:34
    Ronelle, this major inconsistency in Zorn's book does nothing to support a very flimsy thesis, and I believe it's just the tip of the iceberg. As Michael already pointed out, no one in America called ... more
    • other inconsistencies — ronelle to Joe, Thu May 11 13:25
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