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Michael For Sam
Fri May 12, 2017 21:29

Sam, do you have anything prior to his arrest where he uses "Bruno?"

  • BRUNOSam, Fri May 12 18:37
    As someone who has great respect for both Ronelle and Zorn, both of whom I call friends, I offer the following observation. I have collected a large number of digital fascimile images of BRH's... more
    • Re: BRUNOsteve for sam, Mon May 15 10:10
      on the deportation document in 1923, he signed it Bruno Richard hauptman
    • Re: BRUNO — Michael For Sam, Fri May 12 21:29
      • Prior to arrestSam for Michael, Sat May 13 15:56
        Yes, I believe he used Bruno Richard Hauptmann from time to time. Nothing with JUST Bruno. Of interest, perhaps, is this 1934 document. No Bruno here.
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