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steve for sam
Re: An old post
Sat May 13, 2017 09:49

thanks sam I think if that's the new Bedford of Massachusetts that's where lizzie borden was either held in the jail there or had her trial forgot which one

  • An old postSam, Fri May 12 18:44
    Bear in mind this show was happening A MONTH after the baby's body was discovered... Sam Bornstein to the LKH Public Forum Civilized Massachusetts Apr 14 2003 Time Magazine, June 13, 1932:... more
    • Re: An old post — steve for sam, Sat May 13 09:49
      • Sideshowsjdb, Sat May 20 12:25
        Lizzie Borden was Fall River. Yet another controversial case. It's still not clear who the perp was. I've been to lectures about it by experts and it's still a mystery. The William Allen incident is... more
    • Do we know why?Ronelle to Sam, Fri May 12 23:51
      Was it the absolute tastelessness of such "entertainment" or the color of Allen's skin? Or, possibly, both? One thing for certain, Lindbergh would not have allowed this - and when Lindbergh didn't... more
      • Re: Do we know why?steve for ronelle, Sat May 13 09:50
        I think allen really needed the money, what was condons excuse for touring his B.S.
        • Put an end to Condon's tourRichard E Sloan, Sun May 14 10:42
          Why do you conclude that CAL did NOT put an end to JFC's showmanship? Maybe he did write or call him privately to tell hi that he and the Mrs. wou;ld rather he stopped as a ctsy to them, and he did.... more
          • I don't know.....Ronelle to Richard Sloan, Tue May 16 01:31
            ..........whether Lindbergh did put an end to the circus act of Allen because I don't know if he even knew about this. But, I absolutely do believe he'd never have allowed Allen to do it. And I think ... more
        • great question about CondonRonelle to Steve, Sat May 13 13:24
          Yes, you are right. If I am correct about CAL putting an end to William Allen's public tour and circus act then why did he not interfere with JFC's exploitation of the case? I have an answer to this... more
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