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Ronelle to Sam and Everyone
thanks for taking this photo
Sun May 14, 2017 01:27

It's great! Even though we are all a decade older. We are also a decade wiser....hopefully.

I cannot believe everyone on this forum has the patience after so many years.......but it is true that everything pertaining to Lindbergh keeps getting more interesting as time goes by.

Next time we try to meet I think it should be in a very quiet restaurant or meeting hall.

Would anyone like to come down to sunny FLA next winter?
I'll start looking for a place now....
Nah! What a stupid idea! I know you all love the snow and sleet and wind and rain....

  • The noisy dinerSam, Sat May 13 16:03
    Despite the loud music, and the loud projection of voice used by at least one of us, the company was divine, the food delicious, and the service wonderful. Left to right: Robert, Ronelle, Steve,... more
    • thanks for taking this photo — Ronelle to Sam and Everyone, Sun May 14 01:27
      • FloridaSam for Ronelle, Mon May 15 16:55
        If there is a reunion in Florida, with good attendance from the veterans, I would ABSOLUTELY be up for that.
        • fla. reunionRichard E Sloan, Tue May 16 09:21
          no way that I could make that -- ever.
          • wait a minute!Ronelle to Richard, Tue May 16 19:15
            You mean you already "know" you can't make it even though I have no month no date no place or whatever?! You used to come down here all the time - I thought you like being warm in the winter?
        • it's quality - not quantity that counts!Ronelle to Sam, Tue May 16 00:32
          Let's plan on next winter - maybe February or March?
    • Picturejdb, Sun May 14 00:06
      Great picture, Sam. Thanks for posting. People look good, healthy.
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