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Sue for Joe
Housekeeping Above the Clouds
Mon May 15, 2017 21:55

"Housekeeping Above the Clouds"

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle

March 20, 1932

Colonel Lindbergh's farm gets pointed out to passengers.

I wonder how long before March 1, 1932 that this airline was allowing these "hostesses" to show the public the location of the Lindberghs house from the air?

    • my guessRonelle to Sue, Fri May 19 14:03
      My guess is that no one even knew where the place nor would they think to look for it until after the "kidnapping" hit the headlines.
    • Re: Housekeeping Above the CloudsJoe for Sue, Thu May 18 20:30
      Very interesting, Sue and this would have been happening at ground level too, throughout the construction period. Innocent observation and casual namedropping..
    • Re: Housekeeping Above the Cloudssteve for sue, Wed May 17 09:34
      good question
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