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Ronelle to JDB
yes, everything in this universe is "possible"
Tue May 16, 2017 01:13

But, the idea that a 15 year old boy who understands no word of the German language "remembers" - by way of a provocative article in a magazine 3 decades later - a "secret plot" spoken supposedly for his benefit as an "archivist" to history is totally absurd. Those German guys could just as easily been plotting to go to a whore house that day! For all Eugene Zorn knew! Englewood and Palisades Park are within a few miles of each other - in Bergen County. Is it so unusual that any conversation about that place HAD to be nefarious? Since those men at the Park were German isn't it likely one of them, or another friend was named Bruno? Does anyone think Richard Hauptmann was the ONLY Bruno in NYC?

No, only in the mind of a man who, though he must have been highly educated by the 1960s and 80s - when he called Anthony Scaduto to tell him the story - made entangled intrigue out of pure nothing. And then, as if pissed by Scaduto's lack of interest in this fantasy, passed it on to his son. One thing we have all learned by being here for 20 years is that we do not like people REJECTING our pet theories. So, this is how it appears to me.

Very smart people are quite often fooled by their own intelligence. They think they must be right because everyone else is so dumb. As I said, in a previous post, everyone and their brother living in the Bronx at that time could also unintentionally make up fantasies about what they "remember" - now! Don't we all do this periodically? And doesn't it usually turn out our memory is quite wrong about many things regarding incidents and conversations we were sure actually happened?

But, for me, the disturbing aspect of Zorn's book is that agents connected to the FBI actually consider this story as legitimate evidence! This is the most shocking part of "Cemetery John" because if this is what John Douglas, the FBI profiler for 25 years, calls "legitimate," then I really pity every defendant of every trial he ever was connected with. To me, these profilers probably make stuff up - without knowing we are doing it perhaps, like we all sometimes do! That goes for Dudley Schoenfeld as well.
As you can see, I have a very low regard for "shrinks" "profilers" and other "faith healers."

  • What's In A Name & What Does It Mean?jdb, Sun May 14 00:50
    Interesting about the three name thing, Bob. Not sure what to make of it. How's about John Wesley Hardin? But seriously: I've read Zorn's book and saw the TV special. The book was good if not... more
    • yes, everything in this universe is "possible" — Ronelle to JDB, Tue May 16 01:13
      • Yesjdb, Tue May 16 03:13
        Yes, Ronelle, I too am dubious as to the value of shrinks, faith healers, therapists of all kinds but the physical; and I may as well throw the so-called political pundits who dominate the airwaves... more
        • JFC - a kidnapper?Ronelle to jdb, Wed May 17 01:00
          "That there appears to be some evidence that John Condon may have had pedophile tendencies when he was a much younger man could have been dragged into the case as yet another reason for what... more
          • Word Usagejdb, Wed May 17 03:02
            Alas, Ronelle, my post featured some unfortunate word usage, by which I didn't mean to imply that the elderly Condon had any designs whatsoever on toddler CAL, Jr. or that the police seriously... more
        • little green menRonelle to John JDB, Tue May 16 22:12
          I would have to re-read Schoenfeld all over again and nowadays I don't think I could keep even one eyelid open doing that. Though there would certainly have to be some sort of "expertise" involved in ... more
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