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Ronelle to Richard Sloan
I don't know.....
Tue May 16, 2017 01:31

..........whether Lindbergh did put an end to the circus act of Allen because I don't know if he even knew about this. But, I absolutely do believe he'd never have allowed Allen to do it. And I think we all know how powerful his anger was in getting what he wanted out of people.

JFC is a different case. He talked about everything EXCEPT the corpse. Allen would have nothing else to say in his act BUT the corpse.
Lindbergh never stopped being outraged about the photos of the corpse so I assume the circus act would be OK for JFC but definitely not Allen - who, lest we not forget, was one of the lower humans unrelated to the Master Race..

  • Put an end to Condon's tourRichard E Sloan, Sun May 14 10:42
    Why do you conclude that CAL did NOT put an end to JFC's showmanship? Maybe he did write or call him privately to tell hi that he and the Mrs. wou;ld rather he stopped as a ctsy to them, and he did.... more
    • I don't know..... — Ronelle to Richard Sloan, Tue May 16 01:31
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