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Ronelle to John JDB
little green men
Tue May 16, 2017 22:12

I would have to re-read Schoenfeld all over again and nowadays I don't think I could keep even one eyelid open doing that. Though there would certainly have to be some sort of "expertise" involved in trying to understand the mind of a completely unknown killer I do have enormous doubt about the outcomes that are later presented when someone is arrested and held for trial - usually with high acclaim by law enforcement authorities who may simply be lying to begin with about the accuracy of these profilers.
Cops who are honest and hard working do a good job tracking criminals without "profilers" - that's my unprofessional opinion but maybe I'm wrong.

Just think of the monstrous ways these psychic, expert profiling charlatans have ruined so many lives - concerning nonsensical "satanic ritual" trials for example.

My feeling about "profiling" (like the utterly ridiculous use of psychics) is that everyone remembers the "hits" and conveniently "forgets" the misses. After the cops have done their routine detective work and arrested the suspect (and I don't see anything wrong with the initial arrest of BRH because he did pay for gasoline with a ransom bill) the psychics, shrinks and profilers always seem to have been correct in the aftermath. Like Schoenfeld claimed.

People tend to choose the words to fit the outcome - or, the outcome they want to believe. It's a very slippery slope. I don't believe anything about Hauptmann was in Schoenfeld's description - maybe someone can refresh my memory about that but I am still one of the few people who believe Hauptmann had absolutely nothing to do with Lindbergh, his baby or any crime. So a few hits by a wealthy high class shrink isn't enough to say the man - or anyone - deserves to die.

As for these despicable political pundits just take my advice - don't even watch. They are all charlatans. Not one of them has the courage of a Snowden, Manning, Drake, Binney, et al to expose the massive Wall Street propaganda war machine. We just have to sit and wait to be atomized and nothing we can do to stop the MFers. So there, John, is my own personal "little green men" message to you.

  • Yesjdb, Tue May 16 03:13
    Yes, Ronelle, I too am dubious as to the value of shrinks, faith healers, therapists of all kinds but the physical; and I may as well throw the so-called political pundits who dominate the airwaves... more
    • JFC - a kidnapper?Ronelle to jdb, Wed May 17 01:00
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      • Word Usagejdb, Wed May 17 03:02
        Alas, Ronelle, my post featured some unfortunate word usage, by which I didn't mean to imply that the elderly Condon had any designs whatsoever on toddler CAL, Jr. or that the police seriously... more
    • little green men — Ronelle to John JDB, Tue May 16 22:12
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