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Richard Sloan
Union hotel and other pics
Fri May 19, 2017 17:59

Those 3 pics are great, Sam! On the occasion of 2 or 3 of the trial re-enactments by Harry Kazam, I had lunch in the Union Hotel with friends who attended with me. It was a terrific experience (the food was OK, as well!) The newer cut glass panels were beautiful, and one room in the rear had some neat old photos as I recall. Let's hope the current effort to save the hotel is long lasting, and not just a whimper. SO far so good!

  • The Union HotelSam, Thu May 18 14:13
    Here are THREE PHOTOS I took some years ago. This second floor room in the Union Hotel was said to have been occupied during the trial by the prosecution, who used this safe to store sensitive... more
    • Union hotel and other pics — Richard Sloan, Fri May 19 17:59
    • thanks!Ronelle to Sam, Fri May 19 13:58
      I love your pictures - I was never inside it. What year was this taken? Must be a gorgeous interior throughout. I wonder why it hasn't been "gentrified" into a condominium apartment building yet.
    • Re: The Union Hotelsteve for sam, Fri May 19 09:37
      great pictures when sue and I was lucky enough to be brought up there I didn't have my camera
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