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History Unhinged
Sat May 20, 2017 10:39

The biggest issue that faced Lindbergh, after his son was kidnapped, was himself. Realizing what had just taken place, he immediately wanted to take full responsibility in having his son returned in a single-minded mission, something he felt was his specialty. Of course, this didn't involve flying the Pacific or Great Circle or building something new and amazing. He now had to count almost entirely on his abilities to deal with many different people and personalities interactively and somehow he must have felt he was capable of marshaling their collective force to a successful conclusion. And even when he knowingly kept these relationships so highly compartmentalized.

Ultimately, Lindbergh was totally naive within this belief. He had a totally misguided perception that through his past accomplishments, these same people would somehow align themselves with him, everyone faithfully. To begin with, he was ill-prepared to be a father and had limited skills in negotiation much beyond being able to sell his barnstorming services or the concept of a single person flight to Paris. But he felt compelled to show the world he was capable of succeeding in this totally new area of personal endeavour, almost to the point where his returned son would have been perceived as some kind of new and shining trophy. His first actions doomed him to failure immediately and this was the event that began his downward spiral into the role of tragic hero.

Someone.. Anne was not strong enough at the time, perhaps Breckinridge, Mrs. Morrow or a trusted friend, needed to reason logically and emotionally with him in a quiet room and allow the investigation to proceed with only his assistance. Would he have listened? Maybe, but we'll never really know. There would still have been challenges between the competing law enforcement agencies, but perhaps one of them would have been able to rise up and guide the investigation to a successful conclusion, long before now.

Can anyone really imagine what would be worse? Losing your first-born son to a mind, or minds, quite literally bordering on the demonic, or as a family, having to endure over 85 years of having this unfortunate child picked apart for potential, "infanticide-inducing illnesses" or pranks gone wrong, and the resulting level of innuendo and accusations towards his father?

This case needs to get back on the right track and in the right direction.

    • the right direction?Ronelle to Joe, Sat Jun 3 05:41
      "This case needs to get back on the right track and in the right direction." So, what exactly is the right track for you, Joe? Your very misguided psychological analysis of Charles Lindbergh's state... more
    • Good PostJack, Wed May 31 04:10
      Exceptionally good post - shows the torment Charles was under that few people realize when looking at the crime modernly. I think his efforts were doomed from the start because the crime was against... more
      • modernly?Ronelle to Jack, Sat Jun 3 05:53
        "when looking at the crime modernly" means what? Looking "modernly" would mean suspecting the mother and/or father before anyone else. Those NJ cops , modernly, should have begun trying to eliminate... more
        • modernlyJack to Ronelle, Sun Jun 4 02:24
          Looking at the crime modernly means no emotion is involved. Like you do, people just look at the pictures and try to figure out what was going on and wait for the end of the TV show when they'll know ... more
    • At the Touch of LoveSue for Joe, Sat May 20 15:15
      Plato said: "At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet." So, MAYBE, it can also be said that: "At the touch of the Lindbergh kidnapping case, everyone becomes an expert."? The problem is everyone ... more
      • TruthKanne, Mon May 22 10:54
        What is that one truth?
        • Re: TruthSue, Mon May 22 11:46
          Crime only happened ONE way. Only one theory works.
          • TruthKanne, Mon May 22 16:20
            Which theory do you think is the true one though?
            • My DentistJack, Wed May 31 04:24
              My dentist when I was a kid was named Dr. Kanne - spelled just that way. He didn't believe in novocaine - ouch!
              • Ode to the Bubbling Saliva RemoverJack, Sun Jun 4 04:11
                I'm tempted to write a Shelley style poem about my dentist. Fortsooth - how may I depart from this unholy chair?
                • your dentistbob mills for jack, Mon Jun 5 09:56
                  Change "forsooth" to "for tooth" and you've got it, Jack.
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