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Re: Truth
Mon May 22, 2017 11:46

Crime only happened ONE way. Only one theory works.

  • TruthKanne, Mon May 22 10:54
    What is that one truth?
    • Re: Truth — Sue, Mon May 22 11:46
      • TruthKanne, Mon May 22 16:20
        Which theory do you think is the true one though?
        • My DentistJack, Wed May 31 04:24
          My dentist when I was a kid was named Dr. Kanne - spelled just that way. He didn't believe in novocaine - ouch!
          • Ode to the Bubbling Saliva RemoverJack, Sun Jun 4 04:11
            I'm tempted to write a Shelley style poem about my dentist. Fortsooth - how may I depart from this unholy chair?
            • your dentistbob mills for jack, Mon Jun 5 09:56
              Change "forsooth" to "for tooth" and you've got it, Jack.
              • My DentistJack, Mon Jun 5 23:57
                Thanks Bob - works for me.
                • Jack for Bob MillsJack, Mon Jun 12 02:14
                  Bob: Do you know what Al Reich did for his regular employment? Real estate?
                  • al reichbob mills for jack, Tue Jun 13 10:42
                    Not sure, Jack. I've always thought of him as an "ex-boxer." His heyday was during the Prohibition Era, so he might have been involved in bootleg liquor. Jafsie hired him as a bodyguard, so I'd... more
                  • Reisch work?Richard S, Tue Jun 13 09:17
                    I always wondered what he did. He lived on City Island with his wife. (House still stands.) He was always well dressed in photos. G-d knows what he was into. Darn it, I shoulda asked that of JFC's... more
                    • Al ReichJack, Tue Jun 13 15:50
                      No you didn't blow anything Richard! I've watched you on here for years and you've always done a great job. Al's occupation besides boxing (maybe there wasn't any other) is a pretty obscure and... more
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