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Joe for Sue
Re: Oh, Did the Spirit of St. Louis Get There By Itself?
Wed May 24, 2017 14:17

Sue, I believe there is a reference to Lindbergh's "Plan B" in Scott Berg's book. There's also a small scene in Billy Wilder's "The Spirit of St. Louis," starring James Stewart, where he talks about this. It was during the building of the "The Spirit" that he read about the teams led by Byrd, Chamberlin and Wooster, all readying for takeoff in New York. Byrd crashed, Wooster and Davis were killed and Chamberlain's attempt became tied up in a court injunction. When Nungesser and Coli took off from Paris in the "l'Oiseau Blanc," he was quite certain they would make it, but learned they had probably crashed when he arrived in St. Louis after flying The Spirit from San Diego. From there it was on To New York and his place in history.

  • Yes. It was an incredible accomplishment! Lindbergh does give credit to all the people who made the flight possible, but it was HIS life that was at stake, alone over the Atlantic. It really was a... more
    • Re: Oh, Did the Spirit of St. Louis Get There By Itself? — Joe for Sue, Wed May 24 14:17
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