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Fritz Crisler in 1968 Article
Fri May 26, 2017 13:04

"Crisler: Career of Conquering"

by Bob McFarland

The Michigan Daily

Thursday, April 11, 1968

See pages 8 and 9.

This story, about Fritz Crisler and his brushes with the Lindbergh kidnapping case, persists.

Three main points about football great Crisler and LKC are:

1) On the night Crisler drove into Princeton to begin his position as football coach (March 2, 1932, I believe), he was stopped and almost? hauled in for questioning in the kidnapping.

2) Who was the man with the mule in or near Hopewell? that Crisler claims he saw right before the Lindbergh baby was found?

3) Someone fired shots into the car Crisler and Harold Hoffman were driving in!

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