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another anonymous
Wed May 31, 2017 08:29

Are you serious? It's not at all confusing!Don't you understand what was meant by that?! It's like saying "They might as well have taken him out of his cell and lynched him." In other words, that poster is saying that altho Bruno died in the electric chair, he was framed; witnesses gave perjured testimony; etc; with the idea not of seeking justice but of making sure he was killed for the crime under the guise of "justice was served." You got it now?

  • Re: entitled opinionsAnonymous, Tue May 30 16:51
    " it was still a lynching. Those were once legal too, you know? " I never knew that "lynchings were legal" !!! Where does it say that? Just because they happened doesn't mean they were "legal." Are... more
    • lynching — another anonymous, Wed May 31 08:29
    • alan dershowitzRonelle, Wed May 31 01:51
      Since you don't like MY opinion you might be surprised by Alan Dershowitz' opinion from a TV segment on this case - that Hauptmann's trial "was a judicial lynching!"
      • hauptmann trialbob mills for ronelle and forum, Thu Jun 1 09:51
        Maybe "perfect storm" would be a better description than "judicial lynching," which implies that Hauptmann was an innocent bystander. A cocky German defendant at a time (1935) of growing angst from... more
        • perfectRonelle to Bob Mills, Sat Jun 3 06:26
          "A perfect storm. And OK...a judicial lynching as well." So, maybe we can now refer to it as a "perfect judicial lynching storm" ? There were so many "perfect storms" against Hauptmann - all over the ... more
        • lynchingRichard Sloan, Fri Jun 2 09:46
          Nice summary, Bob. Well done. I'm in the middle of Melsky's book, and he is starting to show that there was evidence of a second person involved in the crime, and that the police and detectives'... more
          • Re: lynchingsteve for rich, Tue Jun 6 09:56
            i never saw hard evidence that there was two people. people were trying to connect somebody for years
          • Re: lynchingMichael For Richard, Sat Jun 3 08:13
            Richard, The frustrating part is that I had 3 editors. The last guy even corrected my footnotes! Of course that took me days to reverse. However, in the end, the publisher did not print the final... more
            • Re: lynchingsteve for mike, Tue Jun 6 09:58
              that's the problem I want to hear your personal conclusions
              • two?Richard, Wed Jun 7 09:15
                I was never satisfied that one person did it. The hard evidence could be photos of all the footprints, which Mike discusses. But the cops screwed up by not taking pics of all of them and protecting... more
                • Re: two?steve for rich, Sat Jun 10 10:26
                  you have to look at the end game. I see no hard evidence that he had help. your not going to count footprints and really think that was the key
                • hauptmann alone?bob mills for richard and forum, Thu Jun 8 10:21
                  Hauptmann had 14K of ransom money in his garage. Unless we believe the "Fisch story," the only person who could have been a lone kidnapper was Hauptmann. Here are the reasons why that scenario... more
                  • Devil's Advocatejdb, Fri Jun 9 04:42
                    Bob, Excellent post, yet I have questions and some issues to raise, and to ask them I have to play the Devil's Advocate for a spell. Where to begin? Okay: The Lindberghs were never home at Hopewell... more
                    • "Is that your writing?"Richard, Sat Jun 10 12:06
                      Here's something I could never figure out. Am I right about this chronology? Foley showed BRH the molding. Then he told BRH that it was Condon's phone number. Then he asked him if that was his... more
                    • devils'bob mills for jdb and forum, Sat Jun 10 09:32
                      Thanks, John. I'm less willing than you are to bet on long shots such as "whoever did the deed simply got lucky." I say that because Highfields was (is) located in such a remote spot that a kidnapper ... more
            • vol. 2 of Melsky'sRichard, Sun Jun 4 10:07
              Well, Mike, I look forward to vol.2. I assume you have reached a conclusion as to who dunnit and that you'll be revealing it in Vol.2. or maybe you'll only tell us that it's still not a sure thing.... more
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