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Sun Jun 4, 2017 02:24

Looking at the crime modernly means no emotion is involved. Like you do, people just look at the pictures and try to figure out what was going on and wait for the end of the TV show when they'll know the solution.

Charles and Anne lived in a different world. There was a them (Lindberghs and Morrows - Anne had lived with this most of her life) and there was a they which was everybody else. Lindbergh's famous quote, "THEY have stolen our son," is a perfectly explainable statement.

So if the little clan showed no emotion in pictures, it's because they didn't want to.

Who cares what Lindbergh, Ollie, Breckenridge or anybody else was "thinking" about at that time. You'll never know - only guess.

To say Lindbergh was criminally involved is just speculation. One more what-if or who-done-it that is completely unsupported by any evidence whatsoever. I'd say it's in very poor taste as well, but I guess people can certainly publish what they can get published, and on here of course it's not much problem spouting off.

Richard Hauptmann was as far as his involvement potential as instigator and perpetrator of The Lindbergh Kidnapping Crime was, to quote John Douglas, "you've got one of the greatest initial suspects in history!"

The more we learned about Hauptmann the worse it got for him.

  • modernly?Ronelle to Jack, Sat Jun 3 05:53
    "when looking at the crime modernly" means what? Looking "modernly" would mean suspecting the mother and/or father before anyone else. Those NJ cops , modernly, should have begun trying to eliminate... more
    • modernly — Jack to Ronelle, Sun Jun 4 02:24
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