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Sue once again
Wed Jun 14, 2017 09:41

Sue, you are always

  • Re: Woodlawn Watchman, Robert RiehlJoe for Sue and All, Wed Jun 14 07:54
    Thanks Sue, this is great! I've never seen a picture of Riehl before and I don't believe he testified at Flemington either as his testimony would have only muddied the waters of the prosecution's... more
    • All Eyewitnesses at Woodlawn & St. Raymond'sSue for Joe, Thu Jun 15 02:44
      Thanks, Joe, for all the rich detail! Would you do me a favor? Can you give me a list of all the eyewitnesses to the Woodlawn Cemetery and St. Raymond's Cemetery ransom dealings? --- Everyone you can ... more
    • Riehl photosSam for Joe, Wed Jun 14 09:44
      Here are a few photos of Riehl that I have collected.
      • Re: Riehl photosJoe for Sam, Wed Jun 14 13:19
        Those are great, thanks Sam! I hope you don't mind if I share them with others. BTW, that "Dogs" thread of a while back. I guessed who the dogs were. Did I win the prize?
        • PhotosSam for Joe, Thu Jun 15 12:52
          Feel free to use anything I post, Joe. In terms of the dogs, I wish I knew.
    • Sue once again — Richard, Wed Jun 14 09:41
      • Re: Sue once againSue for Richard, Wed Jun 14 20:17
        You are amazing, too, Richard! I'm glad I recently got to see Woodlawn Cemetery again, even if it was a brief visit! Thanks again! March 12, 1932 at Woodlawn Cemetery and April 2, 1932 at St.... more
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