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Sue for Tanialee
Re: Sue Re: woodlawn watchman, robert riehl
Wed Jun 14, 2017 23:40

Yes, Tanialee.

Sometime around December 2005, Rick posted the "Top 10 Reasons Why Isidor Fisch is Cemetery John."

It was reposted on Rita Witt's board some time, I think, in 2006.

But it does not appear where it was originally posted on the Internet.

  • Sue Re: woodlawn watchman, robert riehltanialee, Wed Jun 14 00:04
    I've always thought that Cemetery John was Isador Fisch because of the cough, bet Mr. Riehl was right on. :)
    • Re: Sue Re: woodlawn watchman, robert riehl — Sue for Tanialee, Wed Jun 14 23:40
      • Fisch as CJJack for Sue, Thu Jun 15 03:12
        I know Rick's ten reasons and if you'd like I can post them.
        • ReihlRichard E Sloan, Thu Jun 15 10:04
          Thnax to the tip on his forum, I made an offer for the Reihl photo on eBay and got it. I was surprised it was even still available!
        • Re: Fisch as CJSue for Jack, Thu Jun 15 03:16
          That would be great if you would, Jack!
          • Ten Reasons Why Fisch is CJJack for Sue & Forum, Thu Jun 15 23:36
            by Rick62 3/28/2006 Reposted from Jan 2006 Rita's "olde board" 1) Condon describes Fisch's stature to a "T": hacking cough, floppy ears, 5'6" - 130 Lbs. (When he isn't describing Paul Wendel or John... more
          • Etc.Jack, Thu Jun 15 17:16
            Not Jack French, Richard. Rick's info. will be a bit.
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