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Sue for Joe
All Eyewitnesses at Woodlawn & St. Raymond's
Thu Jun 15, 2017 02:44

Thanks, Joe, for all the rich detail!

Would you do me a favor?

Can you give me a list of all the eyewitnesses to the Woodlawn Cemetery and St. Raymond's Cemetery ransom dealings?

--- Everyone you can recall who came upon the scene at Woodlawn and St. Raymond's.

"All the world's a stage..."

I'm reading about a fella who says he was at Woodlawn at that time.

Maybe he meant St. Raymond's.

Also, Condon didn't have the money at Woodlawn.

That alone could have caused Cemetery John to go ballistic.

Why risk anything happening to the baby?

  • Re: Woodlawn Watchman, Robert RiehlJoe for Sue and All, Wed Jun 14 07:54
    Thanks Sue, this is great! I've never seen a picture of Riehl before and I don't believe he testified at Flemington either as his testimony would have only muddied the waters of the prosecution's... more
    • All Eyewitnesses at Woodlawn & St. Raymond's — Sue for Joe, Thu Jun 15 02:44
    • Riehl photosSam for Joe, Wed Jun 14 09:44
      Here are a few photos of Riehl that I have collected.
      • Re: Riehl photosJoe for Sam, Wed Jun 14 13:19
        Those are great, thanks Sam! I hope you don't mind if I share them with others. BTW, that "Dogs" thread of a while back. I guessed who the dogs were. Did I win the prize?
        • PhotosSam for Joe, Thu Jun 15 12:52
          Feel free to use anything I post, Joe. In terms of the dogs, I wish I knew.
    • Sue once againRichard, Wed Jun 14 09:41
      Sue, you are always amazing.
      • Re: Sue once againSue for Richard, Wed Jun 14 20:17
        You are amazing, too, Richard! I'm glad I recently got to see Woodlawn Cemetery again, even if it was a brief visit! Thanks again! March 12, 1932 at Woodlawn Cemetery and April 2, 1932 at St.... more
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