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Egoist Extroardinary by Leon Hoage
Thu Jun 15, 2017 06:06

I just made a pdf file for everyone to read and uploaded it onto my website - the link is below

You should get a kick out of this hilarious 24 page report by Leon Hoage written on March 4 1936 except that it's only a month before Hauptmann is murdered.
I think this report may be something Gov Hoffman was going to present to the Board of Pardons at the last minute. This is part of a load of documents I got from the Hoffman Files at the NJSP archive many years ago.

    • Re: Egoist Extroardinary by Leon HoageJoe for Ronelle, Thu Jun 15 11:54
      It's a cute piece of writing, Ronelle. Hoage really should have been a stand up writer, as it's chock full of exaggerations and embellishments. This article gives me a better indication of how... more
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