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Joe for Ronelle
Re: Egoist Extroardinary by Leon Hoage
Thu Jun 15, 2017 11:54

It's a cute piece of writing, Ronelle. Hoage really should have been a stand up writer, as it's chock full of exaggerations and embellishments. This article gives me a better indication of how Hoage's judgment and analysis of the crime scene being staged, is so removed from reality. Bottom line is that, while he may have had help, Hauptmann is still involved up in this thing up to his neck.

  • Egoist Extroardinary by Leon HoageRonelle , Thu Jun 15 06:06
    I just made a pdf file for everyone to read and uploaded it onto my website - the link is below You should get a kick out of this hilarious 24 page report by Leon Hoage written on March 4 1936 except ... more
    • Re: Egoist Extroardinary by Leon Hoage — Joe for Ronelle, Thu Jun 15 11:54
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