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Ten Reasons Why Fisch is CJ
Thu Jun 15, 2017 23:36

by Rick62 3/28/2006 Reposted from Jan 2006 Rita's "olde board"

1) Condon describes Fisch's stature to a "T": hacking cough, floppy ears, 5'6" - 130 Lbs. (When he isn't describing Paul Wendel or John Gorch as CJ of course)

2) Fisch is the best candidate to be performing aerobatics off a nine foot gate and equally good candidate for climbing in Charlie's window.

3) Fisch had an airtight alibi for 3/1/32 - over at the Junges, provided by Charlie the pieman Schleser.

4) Fisch must have ended up with the ransom money because he spent most of 1933 laundering it in the Bronx with Fritz.

5) Fisch was good at mirroring others in a con. He became whatever he needed like a chameleon to get whatever he wanted which was often "mony." Fisch could con Condon out of his shorts - if JFC wanted to play Pops, then Fisch would play Boy. Fisch, always the actor, like Kevin Spacey as Kaiser Soze.

6) Fisch knew all the players in the case and was a good candidate for mastermind: Violet, Ollie, BRH, Joe, JJ Faulkner, Mary Cerrita, Peter, Charlie Schleser and Paul Wendel.

7) Fisch could keep Condon from "seeing the goods" unless Condon's whole ploy was phishing for an extortion gang anyways. CAL/BRK(Breckenridge?)/JFC settled for sleeping suite. Not a good source of viable identity.

8) Since the entire blackmail operation was a con by Condon - who better to play the con than Fisch, already guilty of smuggling and narcotics charges. Fisch conned everyone in his life.

(Is Rick getting Fisch mixed up with the gangsters?)

9) Apparently Fisch goes to visit Breckenridge in his office during the first week after the kidnapping and says, "deal with us."? See Gardner's new book for that.

10) Fisch likely knows Condon from attending the Temple of Divine Power / thus Condon is a known quantity who Fisch can easily wrap around his little finger.

  • Re: Fisch as CJSue for Jack, Thu Jun 15 03:16
    That would be great if you would, Jack!
    • Etc.Jack, Thu Jun 15 17:16
      Not Jack French, Richard. Rick's info. will be a bit.
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