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Joe for Sue and All
Re: makes sense
Sun Jun 18, 2017 06:23

I've never been able to reconcile Fisch as CJ. He's not even close to the description provided by Condon right after his meeting at Woodlawn. Because he had a cough, people think it could have been Fisch, really? The guy that Riehl saw sounds more like Fisch and that's why I think both Hauptmann and Fisch were at Woodlawn. Condon saw Hauptmann only and Riehl saw Fisch (and Condon) only. That's why we have the apparent conundrum and I think this answers it, my thoughts anyway.

  • Re: makes senseSue for Bob, Sat Jun 17 12:09
    Isidor Fisch as Cemetery John seems to ring true for a lot of people!
    • Re: makes sense — Joe for Sue and All, Sun Jun 18 06:23
      • Re: makes senseSue for Joe, Sun Jun 18 11:59
        Darkness was a huge factor that was working against Riehl and Condon in describing what they witnessed. But more than that, I believe that the scene at Woodlawn Cemetery was more dynamic and humming... more
      • why it makes sense to mebob mills for joe, Sun Jun 18 11:06
        Joe, for me the clincher is that Hauptmann remained in plain sight for 2-1/2 years, never leaving town or disguising himself, never showing the least concern about being arrested, while every cop in... more
        • sense or no sense?Anonymous, Fri Jun 23 18:05
          "Hauptmann remained in plain sight for 2-1/2 years," It would have been much more problematic for Hauptmann to call attention to himself by suddenly leaving his usual residence, contacts, work, etc.... more
          • Re: sense or no sense?Joe, Sat Jun 24 07:04
            The fact is he was looking to return to Germany where he probably would have believed the kidnapping would be behind him. Sounds like a bit of a pattern in the making if you ask me, based on his... more
        • Re: why it makes sense to meJoe for Bob, Tue Jun 20 12:45
          Bob, How would Hauptmann have even known that Condon owned a house on City Island? The fact that they both frequented the same location shouldn't be surprising considering they both lived in the... more
          • Hauptmanns insouciant ramblingsbob mills for joe and forum, Thu Jun 22 05:30
            Joe, I can't cite the exact source, but one book cited Hauptmann as being a frequent canoer (canoeist?) off City Island in the summer. Condon had a place near by, so it's highly likely that their... more
          • JFC-BRHRichard E Sloan, Wed Jun 21 09:28
            I think Condon's connection with City Island was publicized in the papers -- after JFC's role was revealed.I think the photo of him in a rowboat off City Island was taken and published at that time,... more
        • JFC on City IslandRichard, Mon Jun 19 09:35
          JFC became high profile after the ransom was paid, but was it also common knowledge that he was active on City Island? Must I have read that anywhere? If so, where would that have been?
      • who's who conundrumRichard E Sloan, Sun Jun 18 09:46
        Now you're talking, Joe! What you say makes a lot of sense and could solve the "conundrum."Let me throw this into the mix, however. There appears there may have been two lookouts -- one at the... more
        • Re: who's who conundrumJoe for Richard, Tue Jun 20 08:19
          Richard, regarding the two very different accounts put forth by Condon and Riehl, I believe it all comes down to their individual lines of sight. From where Riehl was approaching, inside the... more
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