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Blundered Into the Ransom Payoff Site?
Sun Jun 18, 2017 15:34

Robert Stickney seems to have been well-loved and quite a legend on the campus of Westminster College in New Wilmington, Pennsylvania.

Two independent news sources from the 1980s say that Stickney and three of his friends were apprehended in the Lindbergh kidnapping case. One source says Stickney was arrested at the gate of Woodlawn Cemetery. The other source says that he was 10 feet from Lindbergh.

I am not sure if both sources refer to Woodlawn Cemetery, but as far as I know Lindbergh was not at Woodlawn on Saturday, March 12, 1932...or was he?

From what I have gathered, Stickney was a maintenance man, drove a bus, and was a night time switchboard operator at Westminster College -- he did it all!

He also had a wonderful collection of books, tapes, cassettes, and records.

The New Castle News for Wednesday, September 2, 1987 advertised a sale of items from the Robert Stickney estate.

Included in the collection were "non-fiction, coffee table picture books and unusual memoirs, confessions and travelogues."

In the advertisement for this sale, held by the New Wilmington Kiwanis Club, is this sentence:

"He [Stickney] liked to describe his arrest in March of 1932 at the gate of Woodlawn Cemetery in the Bronx as a suspect in the Lindbergh kidnapping case after Stickney and three buddies had blundered into the ransom payoff site."

In Argo, the name of the Westminster College yearbook, there is a one-page story in 1980 about Stickney called "Once Upon a Memory."

"John Dooley, Al Gunther, Bob Oppenheimer and myself were in John's father's car..."

"These words were the beginning line in an episode in which Mr. Robert Stickney and three friends were mistakenly apprehended in the Lindbergh kidnapping incident."

Included with the story is a picture of Stickney and his German Shepherd, Greta.

Sadly, Robert H. Stickney passed away in 1987.

    • Once Upon a MemorySue, Sun Jun 18 15:44
      "Once Upon a Memory" Argo 1980 Published by Westminster College See page 175.
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