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Ronelle Delmont
Exclusive Expose' - Lindbergh Family Manslaughter Trial 1862
Sun Jun 18, 2017 17:29

In honor of Father's Day I added a new page to my website. It's obviously been a very dark secret hidden from the public for over 155 years! Not a single biographer that I have found has written about this bit of family history. If any of them ever did discover it no one has chosen to reveal it. I am doing it today - after researching it for over ten years......... Dr. Edwin Albert Lodge, Evangeline's grandfather was put on trial in 1862 for Manslaughter. He was a homeopathic fanatic who gave his Negro servant 35 drops of a poisonous tincture from a flower called Gelseminum Sempervirens.

I have been saving this data for over ten years thinking it would be a chapter in my "future book" but I think it's about time I revealed it. It's taking me too long to write any book so I might as well share it with everyone. It wasn't easy getting a copy of this document
Take a look!

It's quite fascinating! His great grandfather went to trial for manslaughter exactly 65 years to the day of Lindbergh's flight from Long Island - May 20, 1862.

    • Thanks for sharing your original research with everyone. Recognition should always be given to those who did the actual research. The Digital Age has made it easy to collect information from all... more
      • Lindbergh family history.........Ronelle to Sue , Sun Jun 25 03:50
        ...........has been heavily redacted, erased, whitewashed and, in some ways, totally made up to fit the historical "legacy" of a man who is, even today, the source of great wealth for his living... more
        • Re: Lindbergh family history.........Sue for Ronelle, Sun Jun 25 09:25
          I would have liked to have read the Rudolf Schrock book in English. After all, Lindbergh was an American and not a German. It really should have been translated and available to buy in the United... more
          • translating Schrock's bookRichard E Sloan, Mon Jun 26 13:47
            After all this time, I cant understand why none of us have been able to find and get someone who can read and translate GErman who would, gratis, translate the book into English, even with just a... more
            • Robert Bryan book also in GermanRonelle to Richard and Forum, Thu Jun 29 01:22
              I have forgotten to post this info concerning another German book - a paperback edition published in 2014: JAHRHUNDERT - VERBRECHEN Bruno Richard Hauptmann Und Die Entfuhrung Des Lindbergh-Babys It... more
            • Re: translating Schrock's bookSue, Tue Jun 27 18:19
              Have any friends that are fluent in German?
    • Dr. Albert Ronelle , Sun Jun 18 18:48
      The same week Charles was born - Feb 2, 1902 - Dr. E A Lodge's son, Albert , was being expelled from his job as Wayne County MEDICAL EXAMINER - for practicing without a license!... more
      • Re: Dr. Albert steve for ronnelle, Mon Jun 19 12:26
        great find but does it really mean anything towards Lindbergh and the case
        • it means..........ronelle to steve, Mon Jun 19 18:31
          .........that perhaps there are still many hidden things in Lindbergh's past that no biographer has yet found. Or maybe someone found it - the same way I did - and refused to print it. Or, maybe,... more
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