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steve for ronnelle
Re: Dr. Albert
Mon Jun 19, 2017 12:26

great find but does it really mean anything towards Lindbergh and the case

  • Dr. Albert Ronelle , Sun Jun 18 18:48
    The same week Charles was born - Feb 2, 1902 - Dr. E A Lodge's son, Albert , was being expelled from his job as Wayne County MEDICAL EXAMINER - for practicing without a license!... more
    • Re: Dr. Albert — steve for ronnelle, Mon Jun 19 12:26
      • it means..........ronelle to steve, Mon Jun 19 18:31
        .........that perhaps there are still many hidden things in Lindbergh's past that no biographer has yet found. Or maybe someone found it - the same way I did - and refused to print it. Or, maybe,... more
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