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ronelle to steve
it means..........
Mon Jun 19, 2017 18:31

.........that perhaps there are still many hidden things in Lindbergh's past that no biographer has yet found.

Or maybe someone found it - the same way I did - and refused to print it.

Or, maybe, unlike myself, they were beholden to Lindbergh's family / friends and were told not to publish it? Who knows?

But, year after year, every author claims to have written the best and most exclusive and most incisive and most extensive story of Lindbergh and no one has found this intriguing family notoriety.

I kept expecting someone to scoop me on this yet no one has. So, why am I the only researcher ever to find this? Or to mention it?

It means that this piece of Lindbergh history has OBVIOUSLY been purposely hidden away for many decades.
How did THAT happen?
What else is unknown about the unknowable Lindbergh?

The mystery will continue and if this story has purposely been hidden for all these decades perhaps it DOES have something to do with Charlie?

If you actually read the PDF file you will see that Dr Edwin used his own son to experiment with homeopathic "provings." He even claimed at is trial that he gave drops of that poison to his son!!! Yikes!

  • Re: Dr. Albert steve for ronnelle, Mon Jun 19 12:26
    great find but does it really mean anything towards Lindbergh and the case
    • it means.......... — ronelle to steve, Mon Jun 19 18:31
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