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Joe for Richard
Re: who's who conundrum
Tue Jun 20, 2017 08:19

Richard, regarding the two very different accounts put forth by Condon and Riehl, I believe it all comes down to their individual lines of sight. From where Riehl was approaching, inside the cemetery, he would have seen the "Fisch-like" guy on top of the back of the stone column. From where Condon was standing, outside the cemetery, his attention would have been on the shadowy CJ among the tombstones, who met him at the point along the fence line, and whose description basically fits Hauptmann.

  • who's who conundrumRichard E Sloan, Sun Jun 18 09:46
    Now you're talking, Joe! What you say makes a lot of sense and could solve the "conundrum."Let me throw this into the mix, however. There appears there may have been two lookouts -- one at the... more
    • Re: who's who conundrum — Joe for Richard, Tue Jun 20 08:19
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