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Richard E Sloan
Tue Jun 20, 2017 09:55

Once they had Bruno in custody, they no longer looked for anyone else!They didnt find evidence bec. they were not interested in looking for it.

  • Re: makes sensesteve for bob, Mon Jun 19 12:25
    i never believed the fisch story and the police didn't either. they never found any hard evidence of fisch being involved with anything. he died poor in Germany in fact the jewish group he belonged... more
    • FIsch — Richard E Sloan, Tue Jun 20 09:55
      • Re: FIschsteve for rich, Wed Jun 21 10:51
        I think they were very interested but nothing ever surfaced
        • Re: FIschJoe for Steve, Wed Jun 21 11:51
          Steve, I believe investigators continued to follow up leads, but that it depended on what their agenda was. Once Hauptmann convinced them he wasn't talking, all bets were off on finding accomplices.. ... more
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