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Joe for Steve
Re: FIsch
Wed Jun 21, 2017 11:51

Steve, I believe investigators continued to follow up leads, but that it depended on what their agenda was. Once Hauptmann convinced them he wasn't talking, all bets were off on finding accomplices.. that seems pretty clear. Austin, Cross and Ireland (the 40 cent plywood purchase) is a great example of evidence of an accomplice or someone who knew what was the score was. Schwarzkopf and Walsh continued pointing the finger at Violet Sharp to make sure they got off the hook regarding her suicide, but the matter was all but forgotten after Hauptmann was captured. Hoffman continued to look for accomplices. I know he favored his own interests here but he could still see some of the loose ends that were never resolved satisfactorily.

  • Re: FIschsteve for rich, Wed Jun 21 10:51
    I think they were very interested but nothing ever surfaced
    • Re: FIsch — Joe for Steve, Wed Jun 21 11:51
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