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bob mills for joe and forum
Hauptmanns insouciant ramblings
Thu Jun 22, 2017 05:30

Joe, I can't cite the exact source, but one book cited Hauptmann as being a frequent canoer (canoeist?) off City Island in the summer. Condon had a place near by, so it's highly likely that their paths crossed more than once.

Richard refers to a photo of Jafsie with a rowboat. I haven't seen that photo, but it certainly comports with his spending summers at his City Island getaway.

But let's assume they never saw each other at City Island. From Cemetery John's standpoint, Jafsie was very probably a local guy. He had arranged two meetings in the Bronx, and had placed a message to the kidnapper in a local Bronx paper with a limited circulation. Hauptmann lived in the Bronx. If he were Cemetery John, he should have been gravely concerned with being identified by either Condon himself or one of the hundreds of cops with his identification. He obviously wasn't the least bit concerned.

From any cop's standpoint, finding Hauptmann would have been heroic. Given the intense criticism of the cops from Walter Winchell and newspaper editorials, one would expect the cops to have apprehended several Cemetery John look-alikes during those 2-1/2 years. They apprehended none. So yes...Cemetery John should have been discovered, and for me the fact that he wasn't shows that Cemetery John had long since left for Germany, and died there.

  • Re: why it makes sense to meJoe for Bob, Tue Jun 20 12:45
    Bob, How would Hauptmann have even known that Condon owned a house on City Island? The fact that they both frequented the same location shouldn't be surprising considering they both lived in the... more
    • Hauptmanns insouciant ramblings — bob mills for joe and forum, Thu Jun 22 05:30
    • JFC-BRHRichard E Sloan, Wed Jun 21 09:28
      I think Condon's connection with City Island was publicized in the papers -- after JFC's role was revealed.I think the photo of him in a rowboat off City Island was taken and published at that time,... more
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